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Scope of Anti-Termite Treatment

Bid Termites Goodbye With Pest Strikers Anti-Termite Treatment Services!

Everyone builds their home with a lot of love and resources, and it is heartbreaking to see such solid foundations suffer termite pest attacks post-construction. Not availing of post-construction anti-termite treatment is an invitation to these disastrous pests and an additional expense.
Investing in this treatment ensures you won’t have to reconstruct your very foundation if termites attack once, twice or even consistently throughout the year.
At Pest Strikers, our team of pest-control experts is equipped with the knowledge of pre and post construction termite treatments. In our experience and expertise, methods like soil-applied barrier treatment have proven to be effective as they pose a threat to termite colonies and our special termiticides ensure termite destruction.

Types of Post-Construction Anti-termite Treatment at Pest Strikers

  • 1. Wood Treatment

  • Furniture is one of the most expensive essentials of a house and needs extra protection. This treatment is one of our most sought after for it protects all wooden furniture and wood inside the construction. Since termites target wood, this treatment protects and makes wooden furniture termite resistant.

  • 2. Frame Treatment

  • Frames of the house are sprayed and coated with termite-eliminating products before the process of coating with PVC or other materials takes place. This ensures the formation of an anti-termite base for all doors and window frames of the house.

  • 3. Soil Treatment

  • This treatment entails the use of termite-eliminating products in the soil adjacent to the construction and under the same to form a chemical-protecting barrier to keep the pests at bay.

  • 4. Switch Board Treatment

  • It is a lesser-known fact that switch boards can be one of the prominent ways for termites to enter the house. Our switchboard treatment safeguards electrical wires that are a primary route for termites. We leave no chance for termites to enter or grow at your premises.

Understanding Pest Strikers Post-Construction Anti-Termite Treatment

The process of post-construction anti-termite treatment entails consultation with our termite experts who will visit your premises to assess the situation. Following an inspection, the findings of the same will be discussed with you and the best course of treatment will be suggested.
Once you agree to the course of treatment, our termite control team will begin the treatment process.

  • Step 1: Hole Drilling:

  • Tiny holes are drilled in the walls of the house or the building up to 30 cm in height.

  • Step 2: Termite Medicine:

  • The drilled holes are filled with termite-controlling chemicals and the same is induced into the termite colonies. This step entails filling the pits and wall trenches with liquid anti-termite formulation and on other vertical surfaces prone to termite infestation.

  • Step 3: Sealing The Holes:

  • After the termite-controlling chemicals are filled, the drilled holes are concealed with white cement or putty.
    Similarly, there is a designated process for soil treatment for termite reduction which entails:

  • 1. Rodding of the earth beneath and adjacent to the construction up to 30 cm in depth at an interval of 15 cm. Pest Strikers’ advanced and highly effective anti-termite medication is poured into the soil and along the walls of the construction.

    2. Results of the process are almost immediate and in some cases can also result in eliminating other pests like bollworms and stem borers.

    3. We offer thorough termite advance purchase evaluations to our clients. Our examination is precise and in-depth. We have the expertise and experience to find any evidence of past infestations that have cleared up but left the base or its surroundings structurally damaged.

  • We are worried about your property’s well-being. Our solutions pose no environmental harm.
    What else? We have the best termite control team because we don't leave any mess behind, so you won't have to bother about cleaning up.

    So what are you thinking? Get in touch with us and book your termite evaluation session with us and improvise the health of your premises!

    AGENDA 25 EC can also be deployed in your premises for long-term protection from termites. The product is suitable for both post and pre- construction anti-termite treatments.


We diligently sanitize your house and working area with chemicals & sprays for disinfection. Sanitation is a pragmatic approach to tackling the issues associated with infection and contamination. The crucial implementation of sanitation during this pandemic will help avoid health crises by eliminating the future spread of this unpredictable disease.