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Bird Netting

Say No To Birds On Your Property! PSI Specializes Bird Control-Done Safely & Rightly!

Birds may use damaged roofing as a passage to enter. Inadequate management of birds could result in their nesting within your home or place of business, causing skin irritation or allergic responses. Therefore, it's imperative that you take the appropriate action to control birds.
Although we may not consider birds to be pests, they can do harm to your property and even impact your health. In addition to damaged roof tiles, birds can enter your residence via drain pipes as well as chimney ducts. If they make a nest underneath your gutter structure, you may have issues with water drainage, which could result in leakage or even dampness harm to the structure of your walls.
Their excrement is extremely acidic and might ruin any machinery. Additionally, birds have the potential to knock down your roof tiles, and whilst in the breeding period, some of them may turn hostile and can even harm you.
In addition to the collateral harm, they pose a serious risk to your health. Hazardous pathogens like aspergillosis and histoplasmosis can be found in bird droppings. When bird droppings build up, they get dry and turn into dust, which can weaken the immune response and cause respiratory illnesses.

Bird-Proof Your Property With PSI’s Bird Control-Netting Services!

The bird problem is a big issue faced by commercial office buildings, factories, warehouses and houses in high rise buildings. The problems associated with birds are now a huge point of concern.
Our bird netting solutions can provide an immediate effective and discreet solution for bird problems. Our nets are carefully designed to provide 100% exclusion of birds. They aim to eliminate birds from roosting and netting areas are typically very popular because they can provide a 'Home' for a large number of birds.

Our team of trained technicians will visit your premises at the requested time for a complete general pest control treatment. The treatment involves the application of tiny drops of gel bait in all corners and furniture of your house or office. This odorless gel treatment is very quick and easy to apply.

  • Key Points

  • We provide bird net services which can help to reduce the bird entry into your property. Our bird net is made from good quality which is long lasting to use. Our trained team spread the net over the affected area to prevent the entry of birds thereby protecting you from dozens of problems.

  • Our Comprehensive Approach!

  • Eliminate bird sounds from your sleep at night. We are aware that pigeons, eagles, sparrows, and Indian Myna Birds are typically the main causes of bird-related issues.
    Our methods are the safest approach to remove birds from your home, even if they are more likely to cause blotching than cockroaches and ants. We employ thorough and efficient methods that will undoubtedly end an undesired home invasion.
    Furthermore, our practices are totally compassionate and environmentally sustainable. Get in touch with our experts and book your bird control service to safeguard your home and loved ones!