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About Us

Pest Strikes India is a well established and recognized company for capitalizing on management services in the pest control industry. Initially, we were solely focused on providing pest control services but now we have expanded our company to offer the products too that would help the residences and company to control pests at an initial stage.

Pest control provides protection from harmful insects that cause public health issues and costly property damages. When people hear about pest management or control they typically think only about eradicating unsightly roaches, spiders, or other pests but pest management is much more than that. It involves our safety, health, food we consume, and our property protection. It is vital to have a pest control system for the security of our personal health & overall public well-being.

Pest Control is necessary because pests carry diseases that infest your kitchen, bedrooms, living and recreational spaces. Pests can also bite you and your pets. Pest control for your home, garage or yard keeps you safe and healthy.


Pest Strikers India specialists in Pest Control Services. It offers pest management services to control the breeding of mosquitoes, cockroaches, termites, bed bugs, birds, and rats.

Pest Free Environment

PSI is here to offer a pest-free environment: the power of pest control without any hassle, odor or foul smell. There is no damage to furniture, paint, bed sheets, carpets, or other accessories.

We Drive Away Pests From Your Place Without Any Health Effects At Affordable Prices!
Keep the Pest Away From Your Place for a Healthy & Long Life!

Pest Strikers India, formerly known as Grotec, is a leading Pest Management Company which assures quality services through a team of technically qualified professionals with an experience of more than 31 years in the field of pest management.
PSI is here to terminate increasing pests in the households causing diseases and damages to their essential property and non-judicious use of pesticides, leaving a harmful effect on the environment and humankind. Our considerable experience of more than 31 years has taught us the right product and methodology usage to control all kinds of pests.
Effective pest management is a process, not a one-time event. Our result-oriented approach is a collaborative, ongoing cycle of several critical activities that help control common household pests and keep pests out of your house/building, family, pets and the environment. We create a customized pest control plan that effectively targets household pests where they appear in your building inside and out, all year long.

What is Pest Control?

Pest Control is regulation or management of a species defined as a pest, a member of the animal kingdom that adversely impacts human activities. Our response to pests depends on the damage done and will range from deterrence and management to attempts to completely eradicate the problem. The pests are controlled/eliminated using methods like exclusion, repulsion, physical removal, chemical applications and much more.

Why is Pest Controlling necessary?

Pest Control is necessary because rodents and insects carry diseases that infest your living surroundings. These widespread diseases affect you, your family, workplaces and pets. Removing any pests from your home, basements, yard, and offices keeps you safe and healthy. For example, rodents leave faces on/near food and your living space that can cause severe illness. Pests of all kinds carry toxic viruses and bacterias that harm human beings. These can worsen the breathing of those who have lung conditions like asthma and even harm those who are healthy.
Our customized pest control plans take advantage of all appropriate pest management options, including, but not limited to, the judicious use of pesticides. The customized pest control plans are applied to agricultural and non-agricultural settings, such as homes, gardens, and workplaces.

Why Pest Strikers India?

Pest Strikers India is a recognized name in the industry of Pest Control Management. Since its inception, PSI has set global standards in pest control & facility management services. Striving towards excellence, PSI ensures the enforcement of guidelines that strictly adhere to all rules, regulations and licensing regimes. The quality and timely services have helped us garner a staggering base of retail and corporate clients.

PSI has addressed the pest problems of thousands of people all over India. Our reputation for high-quality pest control work has spread among thousands of satisfied customers. Our customers are our repetitive clients. Here’s what we offer to our customer:-

1. Experience - We combine decades of experience with current technology to provide you with the highest level of service.

2. Professionalism - From the very first call, we treat you and your problem as our own. We have trained experts who are ready to help you with every question or problem you face.

3. Expertise - PSI technicians are skilled, full-time professionals - state-certified and licensed. With experience combined with extensive on-the-job training, they have learned how to effectively utilize the latest research, technology and equipment for your particular pest or termite problem.

4. Dependability - Our experience since 1987 assures us we have the reliability and stability to address your needs for years to come. Pest and termite service is a long-term investment in your building.

5. Our Local Approach - We are local and community-based, so we understand the importance of community spirit. Co-workers at each of our offices focus on servicing their local communities with state-of-the-art service.

Our Services

Pest Strikers India in Pest Control Services. We offer Pest Management Services to control Mosquitoes, Cockroaches, Termites, Bed Bugs, Birds and Rats. With an innovative approach and superior technology, we ensure long-lasting, effective elimination and control of various types of pests from a home or an office.

We Guarantee Our Work

PSI is here to offer a pest-free environment.

  • The power of Pest Control without any hassle.
  • No odor/smell.
  • No damage to Furniture, Paints, Bed sheets, Carpets or other accessories.
  • Recommended Chemicals For Hospitals/Residential/Hotels/Food Industries.
  • We have licensed Pesticides operators.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

IPM is a practical and environmentally sensitive approach to pest management that relies on a combination of particles. IPM programs use current comprehensive information on the life cycles of pests and their interaction with the environment. In combination with available pest control methods, this information is used to manage pest damage by the most economical means and with the least possible hazard to people, property, and the environment.

IPM is not a single Pest Control Method but rather a series of pest management decisions & controls while minimizing the potential health & environment costs as critical factors.

Health & Care

There is nothing more important at Pest strikers India than ensuring everyone goes home safe at the end of their work day. Our Colleagues, families and our customers rely on this commitment. A safe and healthy environment will always be our priority, and there can be no compromise on this.

Our Standards

We aim to give substantial health & safety benefits to our employees and customers. The introduction and commitment to such policies significantly contribute to the constant improvement in Occupational Health, Safety & Environment Protection in our organization.

Our Clients

Punjab Institute of Medical Science, Beant Singh College of Engineering, Shri Guru Teg Bahadur Public School, Punjab Technical University, Hotel Narain Continental, Pollution Control Board, Patiala Heart Hospital, Bhai Ghaniya Institute, Punjab Public School, Thapar University, Subway, Orbit Scan Center, Manu Milk Plant, Hotel Eqbal Inn, IDBI Bank, Simran ENT Center, Global Eye Hospital, Kakkar Eye Hospital, Hotel Grand New, Air Force Station, All India Radio, Civil Hospital, Hotel Jannat, Pind Baluchi, Jaggi sweets, AP Hospital, Army Area, Indian Oil, Axis Bank, and many more are all the satisfied clients to whom we provided our effective pest control services.

Our Technical Expertise

PSI expertise in pest control gained over 32 years has made our products and services reliable. We have built an extensive knowledge base of the lifestyle, habits and vulnerabilities of all types of pests that can affect your business. We have also developed unmatched technical expertise in dealing with them, from exclusion and detection to capture, identification and elimination. Research and development have always been a critical element of our business, delivering an unmatched range of products and services our staff can call on as the need arises.

Services & Treatments

Our research & development team was at the forefront when food processing and other industrial and manifesting companies came to us with particular requirements. We stayed one jump ahead of highly evolving pests, especially in the urban areas. We developed an extensive integrated pest management program that employs innovative technology, smart thinking and new techniques to provide the requisite protection.

Trained & Experienced Team PSI

As the front line of PSI, our technicians and other staff members are responsible for carrying out treatment at your premises and continuously ensuring that the pest control solutions effectively eradicate the pests. PSI has qualified service technicians and experts who can protect your home and business. So what’s stopping you to hire the most competent pest controllers whose only business aim is “NO PESTS ALLOWED”! Get in touch with our experts and let us help you to drive away these unwanted guests.


COVID Disinfection

We diligently sanitize your house and working area with chemicals & sprays for disinfection. Sanitation is a pragmatic approach to tackling the issues associated with infection and contamination. The crucial implementation of sanitation during this pandemic will help avoid health crises by eliminating the future spread of this unpredictable disease.

Service Areas & Branches

Delhi-NCR   |   Tricity-Chandighar   |   Jammu   |   Amritsar   |   Jalandhar   |   Ludhiana   |   Patiala   |   Pathankot   |   Hoshiarpur   |   Gurdaspur   |   Ambala   |   Dera Basi   |   Kharar   |   Sirhind   |   Khanna   |   Mandi Gobindgarh   |   Nabha   |   Pehowa   |   Samana   |   Patran   |   Moonak.